As a startup, you are driven by a passion for succeeding with your idea. And it becomes imperative you find all the relevant support that would form your winning edge. Considering that social media marketing tools for scaling your startup should top your priority list.

Social media marketing agencies can help your startup gain traction fast. However, I know that sometimes, some startups prefer to bootstrap. So I got you covered.

I will do my best to share both free and paid tools you can start using today. It doesn’t matter if your location is the US, UK, Canada, or Israel. Fashion startups can use these marketing tools, grocery businesses, or just about any startup in whatever industry.

Trends and Opportunities in the Startup Industry

With the rise of technology, many more individuals are getting into personal development. As a result, more consciousness is woken up to attempt to create impact and influence.

Investors are also not left out as there’s a constant rise of investors, further pushing to raise more successful startups. 

Considering that social media marketing is the new marketing, it can not be overlooked if your startup must be seen and heard.

Why you need Social Media Marketing Tools

Digitalization has primarily contributed to the rise of social media marketing. With social media as a marketing tool, you must know what tools and apps make your job easier.

It also helps you stay sane with managing various social media platforms. The pressure can be overwhelming as you juggle different social media handles. Getting around it to still have time to focus on your startup becomes very important. 

Aesthetics can be why someone pays or doesn’t pay more attention to what you are building. So, part of your branding goals would include how your visuals turn out, presented images, or the consistency of your value offerings.

All these and more are why you need to look for social media marketing tools around you constantly. 

Your Startup Tools for Social Media Marketing

While building your startup, you need to talk about what you and your team are doing. Your marketing on social media goes beyond sharing sales links and posting haphazardly across social media platforms. There is science and art to these things. 



Turbocharge your video marketing with Inshot. With Inshot, you can create magical videos. 

No worries about mistakes while recording, as a feature allows you to remove the middle parts. You also can split your video, merge clips, and adjust speed. Inshot comes with so many unique backgrounds and music effects that help you capture your brand voice perfectly.


Canva is one of the best apps for designers. Your logo, flyers, graphics, etc., can be brought to life using Canva. It aids you in creating powerful graphics, images, and so much more. The tool helps and absolute beginner design just about anything. 

Scheduling Tools

As you build your business, you will soon figure that time is of the essence. At this point, you would need to find scheduling tools to make your social media marketing effective and automated. 

The Facebook Creator studio is a free social media marketing tool. You should have the app on your phone if you own a Facebook page. With this tool, you can schedule posts, run your Facebook and Instagram scheduling. 

However, other platforms offer even more sophisticated options. 


Buffer was just used as a scheduling tool for Twitter when they got started. Today, it supports all the major social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google + 

Some of the cool stuff you can do with Buffer:

  • With a chrome extension, you can add articles and content from the web to your Buffer queue. It also allows you to share content on the go.
  • Automatically shortens links you share. If you’re a Bitly user, you can connect your accounts.
  • Upload custom photos and videos. Also, share the ones pulled from the article you shared.
  • Get insights and complex analytics to track your content’s performance.
  • Schedule posts so your content gets spread out throughout the day.
  • Reply to posts from inside Buffer.
  • Add team members.

Buffer social media dashboard helps you populate your social media feed with relevant and exciting content without spending half your life logged in to these platforms.


This platform is a highly comprehensive social listening tool. Mention helps you track mentions of your brand, your products, or those of your competitors in real-time. 


A research tool helps you track how your content is doing and who’s spreading the word. Research is a crucial part of marketing. If you want to do well and leave your competitors playing catch up, you need to understand what they’re doing and if what you’re doing is working or not.


Missinglettr is one of my best social media marketing tools. It helps you automate the process of creating social content. This tool helps curate your blog post and generates social content of a year’s worth for you. 

You can now focus on writing long-form blog posts while someone else takes care of the creative side of social promotion and the scheduling of posts. One less thing on your to-do list struck off.

There are templates for content creation, scheduling, and facilitating client approvals. Plus, you get a custom URL shortener to export campaign assets to be used in other marketing initiatives. Missinglettr has some great features that’ll lighten your load. You even get a weekly report, so you’re on top of your marketing performance.


Planners are productivity tools every startup needs. Asides from having scheduling platforms that automate some of your processes, get a planner. 

This business edition planner is particularly great if you want to gain control over your business. It has laid out daily, weekly, and monthly plans and all the tools you need to grow your business and reach your goals – 


Google Analytics 

These are some things Google analytics can help you with

  • Analytics intelligence
  • Data analysis and visualization
  • Detailed reporting
  • Data collection and management
  • Integration with other Google products
  • Data activation


If you already have a blog or website, this SEO marketing and reporting platform is a sure “go-to.” Some of the great things you can do with it are:

  • Marketing reports
  • Competitor domain research
  • Site auditor
  • SERP rank tracker
  • Keyword rank checker
  • Backlink checker
  • Link spy
  • Social media reporting


These tools are a great place to start. It would interest you to know that some have their app versions. While some are paid for, all of them have free versions.

I trust this blog post will help you as you build your startup.


Nnenna Ewa is one part forex trader, one-part singer, and a total dose of a digital marketer. Self-taught in a wide range of industries, she is self-driven, and when you don’t find her doing anything tech-related, she will be spending time impacting others. She takes to her blog,, to share a lot of what she knows about the tech and business ecosystem. Her passion for sharing knowledge on her blog and staying up-to-date in the digital marketing space is only rivaled by the love of singing and trading the currency market.

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